brain health pathway

We help you break-free from feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, and unproductive.

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STRESS MANAGEMENT - Enable you to stress and worry less! Life should not feel like you are navigating a "construction zone". Break-free from feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unproductive. A pathway where you’re not alone, a process where we will release negative energy and pain, giving you room to breathe and the energy to take the next step. A supportive journey, guiding and helping people gain clarity, connection and confidence

As a mom of two young adult daughters, I understand how much stress and worry we face on a daily basis. Not to mention, the level of stress, anxiety and pressure teens and young adults are dealing with on a daily basis. In an effort to not only help myself, but my own kids, and others with this struggle, I found alternative tools and resources that have been successful.

time management, stress management, brain health coach, life coach, teens, parents, self management


TIME MANAGEMENT - Accomplish more! Time is a precious commodity and life is too short for it to be wasted. As a brain health coach, I am passionate about creating a pathway that is productive and purposeful, accomplishing more with your time. Get unstuck and move forward, connected to tools, resources and systems to help you restore, refuel, and reach desired outcomes.

In my own life, the things that have allowed me to accomplish more is when I am able to restore and refuel my energy, allowing me to take on the next task with ease. I am a planner and an organizer and have helped clients over the years customize a personal time management plan that works for them.



SELF MANAGEMENT - Change the conversation!  Self-doubt, negative thinking and old or bad habits can leave you lacking self-confidence or paralyzed in fear with no place to start.  Working with a Brain Health Coach will help you write a new script, because we understand that the BRAIN controls "everything" you do. How you talk to yourself matters.

Did you know, many of your subconscious programs are downloaded from birth to 7-years of age. These programs are what drives your automatic response, inner voice, and self-doubting conversationalist, until you choose to install  new version. What version are you running? In need of an upgrade, we have the tools to get you there.