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  1. Responsible Decision Making
  2. Personal Strengths
  3. Values & Confidence
  4. Enhance Self-Perception
  5. Regulate Changing Emotions
  6. Impulse Control
  7. Improve Decision Making
  8. Establish & Maintain Relationships
  9. Empathize with Others
  10. Connect & Engage with Others
  11. Recognize Other Perspectives

Online session is scheduled for up to 40 minutes. The time spent will be to engage on the topic/issue of one of the 11 coaching segments. We will connect that issue, share a video about the topic, open discussion about the video and how the principal learned can be applied. Lastly, we will create an action plan illustrating how to utilize that principal in your own life. Leave with clarity, connection, and confidence to navigate change, create a new habit, or simply have different perspective.

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