Welcome to Path2Purpose Coaching, LLC. This Coaching Agreement (hereafter referred to as “Agreement”) constitutes as a contract and consent to coaching services between Christian Phelps, Brain Health Coach, hereafter referred to as “Coach” and signer, hereafter referred to as “Client”. 

The coaching services provided to Client by Coach will take place at a determined time and meeting location.  A coaching session is neither therapy nor counseling.  The purpose of coaching is to develop and implement strategies to help the client reach personally identified goals of enhanced performance and personal satisfaction.  Coaching utilizes personal strategic planning, prioritizing awareness, learning from experience, identification process, organizational planning, and utilizing tools and techniques for Client to reach personally identified goals. The Coach and Client relationship will be as equals, focusing on the growth and progress. 


Coaching Session: Payment will be collected at the end of each session

Coaching Segment: Payment will be collected at the time of booking the appointment

Group Workshop: Payment will be collected on or before the scheduled workshop date


Coaching sessions will consist of asking thoughtful questions, brainstorming possible solutions, and providing encouragement and accountability.  Coach will seek to understand Client, foster a process of assessment, awareness, a plan, and action.  Coach will give feedback, point out potential blind spots, and stretch Client to new heights and perspective.  

Coach agrees to:

  • Provide coaching sessions for the agreed amount of time
  • Conduct professional and organized sessions
  • Listen intently
  • Keep client focused on growth objectives and provide accountability
  • Seek to inspire Client with new perspectives and encouragement
  • Keep specifics of all coaching conversations confidential, except when other coaches need to be consulted for expertise on a specific matter or in the event a third party may need to be contacted in the event a safety concern should arise
  • Continue to invest in his own personal and professional growth for Client’s benefit
  • May refer or direct client to appropriate resources in addition to or in lieu of Coaching

Client agrees to:

  • Pay for coaching services as outlined in this agreement
  • Be prepared and on time for each coaching session
  • Own personal growth by completing agreed-upon action steps
  • Call or Text Coach 24-hours in advance to reschedule a coaching session
  • Be completely honest about all matters discussed
  • Honor the copyright laws of Path2Purpose Coaching, LLC, by not duplicating training materials
  • Dispute resolution agree to be settled by arbitration by an accredited individual or organization with an arbitrator who is mutually agreed upon by both parties in the event dispute resolution were to ever be needed


All Path2Purpose Coaching information is intellectual property, including handouts, exercises, coaching curriculum, tools and training methods are property of Path2Purpose Coaching.  Requested for use would need to be submitted in writing and use would only be permitted if Client obtains written consent by Christian Phelps of Path2Purpose Coaching, LLC. 


This Coaching Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Coach and Client.  No verbal agreement or implied covenant shall vary the provisions of this agreement.  Any amendment to the provisions of the agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties of this Coaching Agreement. 

Interpretation and enforcement of this Coaching Agreement will be subject to the laws of the State of Colorado.


I, agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement and look forward to working with Path2Purpose Coaching.

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